Our facility has six batting cages, two hit down stations and four training tunnels with pitching mounds and L-screens.  Each batting cage is equipped with dual Iron Mike arm machines for both softball and baseball , three fast pitch softball arm machines (50, 60, and 65mph), three slow pitch softball arm machines, and six baseball arm machine (40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90mph). We also have a curve ball/slider Atec Pro 3G pitching machine available for rental. The facility is perfect for team practices, individual/group lessons or birthday parties.

In our TEAM PRACTICE package, the coach gets a training tunnel (with or without the Pro 3G) and a hitting tunnel for an hour for an unbelievable price.  We offer great deals on our individual/group lesson packages with our instructors, Juan Diaz and Gus Gandarillas, both former MLB players who love the sport and want to share their love of the baseball with the next generation. We have two PRIVATE PARTY packages. Both include a private area with picnic tables for your guest, a training tunnel and batting cage. If you would like to learn more about our facility, reserve a birthday party or practice or have any question call us at 305-Hit-Zone or 305-448-9663.

VIP Enrollment
Hitting is all about timing. You must have the proper timing to know when to start your swing and when to shift your weight. This is achieved by watching the pitcher's arm and release of the ball. An arm-style pitching machine is the only type of pitching machine that gives you that same sense of timing. With each pitch you see the machine's arm wind up and release the ball. It is the realistic nature of the machine that allows you to practice the same fundamental in the batting cage as you use on the field. Because of this, the Iron MikeT arm-style pitching machines from Master Pitching Machine are the favorite machines of professional players and coaches worldwide.e to add text.